3/12/2020 COVID-19 Update: Amy Hobgood, Director


COVID-19 Update

Amy Hobgood, Director

Dear Families,
As continued information is being received about the COVID-19, I wanted to reach out to families to let you know what steps Falls Lake Academy is doing to keep our students and staff healthy.

Our custodial staff is following CDC recommendations and disinfecting daily, giving extra attention to high traffic areas where germs tend to be spread. Extra precautions are also being taken by teachers as we encourage and give ample opportunity to clean and sanitize hands regularly. As a public school in North Carolina, we are following the guidance from NCDPI and the CDC. Information is received daily from the state to ensure schools have emergency plans in place.
We are also making travel considerations. For us, this means rescheduling trips that families cannot receive refunds for, and canceling trips that they can. We are very aware of the financial investment that families have made into our trips and respect the importance of that consideration for families. Travel updates will continue to be shared as we receive them.

Guidance from the state at this time also suggests limiting large gatherings where germs could easily be spread. Falls Lake Academy will limit unnecessary visitors and volunteers. We will not host events at the school that require the attendance
of parents or visitors.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has moved to suspend interscholastic athletics beginning at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 13, 2020, through April 6th, 2020. Our middle school conference is also following these guidelines. This means all middle and high school sports are suspended beginning tomorrow at 11:59 pm through April 6th, 2020. We will continue to update what the implications of these decisions will be as we receive more information.
Most importantly, we have been asked about closing school. We will not close school unless we are advised to do so by state or local health officials. All superintendents and charter school leaders will be meeting tomorrow to find out more information. As we receive information regarding the COVID-19, we will place it on our website beginning tomorrow afternoon.
On this page, you will find resources to learn more about COVID-19:

Please make sure you keep your child at home if he or she is sick. Please notify the school immediately if anyone in your home has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. Thank you for being a partner with us to keep our school healthy.

Amy Hobgood