This year at the high school, students will have a fire time period after 2nd period each day. It is a privilege at Falls Lake Academy to be given time in your day to work on assignments and meet with teachers. It is very important that you use this time wisely to be productive.

  • Fire Time is to be considered a class, and follows the same high school guidelines as any other class in your schedule.
  • If you are staying in your Advisory (PAA), your phone will be placed in the phone pockets immediately upon entering the room; however, if you are transitioning to another room for help, you will put your phone in that classroom’s phone pocket during Fire Time.
  • Every Monday, students will show their most recent grades in Jupiter to their Advisor during this first FIVE minutes of Advisory.


  1. Homework
  2. Study for quizzes and tests
  3. Meet with teachers for additional help
  4. Work on projects (If a group project, you will work in the teacher’s room who assigned the project.)
  5. Attend clubs
  6. Practice ACT and SAT problem sets and reading passages
  7. Read
  8. To see Mrs. Jackson (School Counselor) by appointment only during Fire Time.


  1. Socialize with friends – Fire Time is a QUIET, independent study time
  2. Go to another teacher’s room to hang out with your friends
  3. Go to a teacher’s room that isn’t your Advisory or your current semester teacher Use your personal laptops or tablets to watch videos, play games, etc. (You MAY use it to work on any homework assignments)