The Ordering Window for the Month of

The window to order hot lunch for the month of February is now open until January 24th. Please have your order placed by noon on January 24th. All lunch orders must be placed online using the website order form. To place a lunch order, go to and enter code 313FLANC. If you have any questions please email Nancy Pendergrass at .

Online Lunch Order System.pdf
Lunch Rules.pdf
Visit (school code:313FLANC).


  • The ordering and payment process is done completely on-line.
  • There are very specific windows of time that you can place an order.


  • Visit and log in as a FIRST TIME USER.
  • Select the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT option that appears on the left side of the screen under the sign-in box.
  • Then, when asked, enter our school code, which is, 313FLANC.
  • Next, provide the account setup information requested and submit that information to activate your account.


Each family will have a “Family Account” that shows options such as PLACE ORDERS, VIEW ORDERS, VIEW PAYMENT VIEW/UPDATE ACCOUNT

  • Select PLACE ORDER. You will need to submit a separate order for each child (or staff member) that is ordering lunch.
  • On the Review Order page, select the SUBMIT ORDER button to confirm the order.
  • After each submission, select the REVIEW ORDER button at the bottom of the page.
  • A confirmation email will also be sent as orders are recorded and each time an order is changed. If you need to amend your order, go ahead. You will not lose what you previously entered. If you receive duplicate order confirmations do not worry. Duplicate orders are not possible.
  • Submit all orders before selecting the PAY NOW button to submit a payment, under CURRENT BALANCE.
  • To see what you ordered, log into your account and select VIEW ORDERS. You will see exactly what the system recorded for each student. You can view and PRINT your orders at any time.
  • You MUST process each order through until you see the Order Confirmation page. Do not stop until you see an Order Confirmation for the order being submitted. The system does not recognize an order until you see the Confirmation Page. We can not process your order if has not been fully submitted & confirmed.
  • If applicable a Convenience Fee charge may appear when you view the total amount due. Note: A “Convenience Fee” when added to the amount due, helps cover processing fees charged to the lunch program when we accept online payments.
  • ***If you have any questions regarding your payment, select the VIEW PAYMENTS option to see if a payment was recorded to your account. You will see exactly what the system has recorded for your account.


  1. Food will be dispersed to the student that ordered it, ONLY! The student’s friends may NOT pick up food. The only exceptions are when arrangements have been made by a parent with the lunch coordinator! You may call the office and make arrangements also if a need arises. If your student is absent and arrangements have not been made, your student’s food will be offered to the teaching and office staff. After the first two weeks of lunch distribution, the lunch volunteers will NOT go looking for your MS/HS student…if they don’t pick up their food in a timely manner, it will be offered to staff. K-2 students’ food is delivered to their room every day. Grades 3-5, the lunch volunteers will attempt to find students that have not picked up their food by calling to their PAA classroom.
  2. PLEASE print out your student’s order from the website and post it where you and your student can refer to it every day. It’s easy to forget what days you ordered food.
  3. Alternative pre-packages lunches will be provided by the lunch coordinator for students with forgotten, lost, or ruined lunches. You will be notified when your student receives 3 of these per quarter. If you are in need of assistance with food for lunch, you can contact Ms. McGarry or Mrs. Moore, our guidance counselors.
  4. Students, please come to the concession area in a QUIET and ORDERLY manner. This means you have to walk on the right. We have many students to serve and it goes quickly and smoothly if everyone does their part. Once you receive your lunch, please return quietly to your classroom. Please DO NOT bring your friends with you and do not go back through the line just to stand with your friends while they get their food. Do not eat in the hallway. Return to your designated classroom to eat.


Why not sign up to help serve lunches? This is a great way to get a few of those family volunteer hours. You can find the links on the Falls Lake Academy Facebook page and in e-mails sent out via Jupiter Ed. Be sure you have completed your background check.

Thank you for your help in advance!