Important Return to School Update

Dear Parents,
We are excited to announce that the Board of Directors met on November 10, 2020 and decided to have middle and high school students return under plan B (50% capacity) beginning on January 5, 2021. Today, we are sending another instructional setting commitment form for middle and high school families. We are asking that families submit the commitment form by November 16, 2020. We will send additional information about how the daily schedule, lunch, and daily routines will be impacted by the new COVID restrictions to families on November 12th to assist families with decision making. The timeline for return will be as follows:
Nov. 11 – Commitment form sent out
Nov. 16 – Commitment form due
Dec. 14 – Parents will be notified of Track assignments
Dec. 18 – All schedules finalized and imported into Jupiter
Jan. 5- Middle and High School students return to school under Plan B

Your commitment is for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Once commitments are processed, no changes can be made. Please make sure you reach out to Mrs. Mayhew or Mr. Whitt with specific questions regarding reentry for your student. IF for any reason, the governor should allow middle and high school students to reenter schools under plan A, with 100% capacity permitted, the board of directors will reassess the information from our local health department to determine IF that would be an effective plan for our families and each family would have another opportunity to make a choice of instructional setting.
The commitment form that you are filling out at this time is for an option of PLAN B (50% capacity- two days of in person instruction) or PLAN C (100% remote instruction). Please click the link below to complete the commitment form.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Mrs. Hobgood