Jeans for Teens Drive

Hello Fellow Students,
It’s Devon O’Sullivan, I am starting a Jean for Teens drive for a scholarship to donate gently used old jeans and to recruit all of my FLA friends, family and staff to do the same thing. Please see the link below to learn

Right now the highest participant has 65 students and that school is Nevada High School in Rosston, Arizona. Then 2nd place has only 30 students participating. I believe our school can help make a difference for our community and the homeless children, young adults and even the adults. The way to do this; is for all of you to donate or bring clean and fairly used “old Jeans” that you don’t need. We then collect all the jeans as a group and we deliver the jeans to any Aeropostle Store.

If you are interested in donating for the Jeans for Teens this is a great time to speak up and contact me at my falls lake academy email;

To be a part of this, everyone must sign up for to help the community and the homeless. I want to inspire students, families, and staff to sign up and help our community and the homeless. If you do not sign up; you can still donate jeans to the school. I hope you decide to sign up! Let me know as soon as possible once you signed up so that I know how many FLA’s students are participating. I will be doing several drop-offs to Aeropostale on January 17, January 31, and February 29, 2020, which is the last due date for this program.
We can do this together!! Let’s see how many jeans we can donate and how many lives we can impact!
-Devon O’Sullivan

Thank You,
Devon O’Sullivan