Good afternoon,

As we are trying to adapt to our current health situation, there are some changes to our senior project expectations and deadlines that must be made to accommodate our time restrictions and respect our social distancing recommendation.

We will not be having in-person presentations; however, you will still be responsible for creating your PowerPoint Presentation as drafted in your Presentation Guidelines (posted to Google Classroom). As described in the last two pages (page 27 and 28) of the Senior Project Packet, you are still reflecting on this experience. You will fill out the reflection to indicate your proof of the product process. We understand with this National Emergency that some of you have been unable to fulfill your plans for your product, so in the reflection, we would like to see your intended product and process to achieve a product.

All PowerPoints and reflections will be submitted by 11:59 PM on Monday, May 4th.

Students will be submitting to their assigned committee member based on their LAST NAME:
A – H: Mrs. Cox
I – Q: Ms. Johnson
R – Z: Mrs. Black

The Senior Project in its entirety will be looking for each one of these three categories to have met the school’s standard of passing: (1) the paper, (2) the PowerPoint, and (3) the reflection. For students without a passing grade on their first Final Draft should resubmit to Mrs. Cox by Friday, March 20th.

Mrs. Jaclyn Cox
English Instructor
Falls Lake Academy