This Week at Falls Lake Academy 4/13/2020

Happy Easter!!! I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying some family time. This week is spirit week for Falls Lake Academy. Please see “This Week at Falls Lake Academy” for details for each school.

Below is this week’s information from our counselors:
For Parents:
Tip for Helping Your Child Through Challenging Times (By Dr. Pamela Bruening):
Be positive! It is easy to be negative during an unexpected challenging event. Leave negativity and complaining to the news stations. Focus on your positive response to the situation. With your child, make a list together of any positive outcomes of this: experience spending time together, playing new games together, sharing the home-schooling experience, cooking and doing chores together. You may be surprised at how positively your child views spending time with you! Add to the list throughout the time you spend together.

Additional Resource: Explaining the Coronavirus-19 to children can be challenging. You may use the following resource to help you explain this complicated concept to children.

Talking to Children about COVID-19: A Parent Resource (NASP)

For Students:
Today, we are going to talk about resilience! What is resilience you ask? Imagine you have each end of a piece of elastic in your hands. Pull your hands apart and the elastic stretches. Let go of one end and the elastic bounces back to its original size. That is resilience (re-zil-i-ens). For people resilience means that whatever bad times you go through you can bounce back again and be yourself.

Poem – Resilience
Sometimes Life is hard
Sometimes Life’s unfair
Sometimes you feel really sad
And no one seems to care.
When bad things happen to us
When everything seems ‘grey’
When nothing seems to work out
Then, that’s the time to say
“Time out”
“Think about”
“Try again” another way.

Practice building your resilience with the attached worksheet!

Seniors: Mrs. Jackson will be hosting a weekly opportunity for seniors to check-in with each other and questions! These are scheduled for Thursdays at 1:00. Please contact Mrs. Jackson for additional information.

Have a great week and let us know if you need anything.
Mrs. Hobgood

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