This Week at Falls Lake Academy 4/27/2020

Please find two documents attached. The first attachment is an update from FLA. The other is a frequently asked questions document from the state department. We miss you all and hope you are staying healthy.
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FINAL-FAQ-One Pager-Student Grading and Promotion 4.23.20.pdf

Please see the message below from our counseling department:

For parents: Tips for Helping Your Child Through Challenging Times (By Dr. Pamela Bruening):

Be fun! Bringing fun to a challenging situation is one way to make positive memories that last a lifetime. Many times, just doing something new or unusual together brings fun to the experience. Build an indoor fort together, play dress up together, or video a play or puppet show to share. Make up fun contests or challenges for family members, such as creating the best dessert surprise or the craziest sandwich with limited ingredients. Create and schedule indoor family events like family board game night, movie night, puzzle night, funny story night, or buddy reading night. Having fun together helps pass the time and build fond memories at the same time. Share your sense of humor.

Due to the quarantine, it seems harder than ever to find the things we need. Have you recently (or ever) looked through your pantry and fridge wondering what you could possibly make with what seems to be an impossible mystery basket off of “Chopped”? Well, there’s an app for that – several, in fact! Here is a website that reviews 7 different options: Top Apps For Finding Recipes For Ingredients You Already Have

Don’t have access to endless puzzles? Turn any picture into one with the attached puzzle template! Just print and go!

For students:

Impulse Control, or self-control, is the ability to control your behaviors and feelings. Think about Freeze Tag — you freeze when you are using self-control. Think about how you could “freeze,” or stop to make a good choice, in the real life situations below. You’ll also think about what the impulsive choice would be in that situation – when you “melt,” or give in to your impulses.

For example, your mom is on the phone when you get home from school, and you want to tell her about the A+ you got on your paper. The MELT choice would be running up to your mom yelling about your A+ and/or waving the paper in her face. The FREEZE choice would be to wait until your mom gets off the phone, then share your excitement about the A+ with her.

• Your teacher is reading a story to the class and it reminds you of a story that you read with your mom at home.
• Your friend is talking to some kids about a video game you like. You beat the final level last night.
• In music class, you are all singing a song when you get thirsty all the sudden.
• You are last in line for lunch, but you are extremely hungry.

Seniors: Mrs. Jackson will be hosting a weekly opportunity for seniors to check-in with each other as well as ask questions! These are tentatively scheduled for Thursdays at 1. Contact Mrs. Jackson for additional information.
This Week at Falls Lake Academy 4 27 2020.pdf
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