This Week at Falls Lake Academy 4/6/2020

Dear Parents,
Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure our students are staying engaged in learning as much as possible. Each week I will be attaching a newsletter from our counseling department to assist with social/emotional needs during this time at home. These newsletters will have tips and strategies to keep everyone happy and healthy during our time of quarantine.
From our Counselors:
For Parents:
“And as the people stayed apart the world came together.”

Tip for Helping your Child Through Challenging Times (By Dr. Pamela Bruening):
Be organized! Children spend 7 hours a day in school. They thrive on organized schedules and knowing what to expect and how to plan during school days. Your child will benefit from a daily schedule with a planned wake up time, eating times, school work times, brain breaks, and specific play times. Following a schedule is comforting to most children, providing them with a sense of what is coming, even in an uncertain situation. Without organization, it is all so easy for the day’s to slip away without anything being accomplished. Save the easy-going days for the weekends, and structure the weekdays for you and your child.

Additional Resource: This website contains a variety of books to read aloud, many which include topics related to social-emotional learning such as Empty Pot (Honesty), Someone Loves You Mr. Hatch (Kindness), Enemy Pie (Friendship), and A Bad Case of the Stripes (Self-Confidence).

For Students:
Are you stressed or worried? Mindfulness can help! What is mindfulness? It’s focusing on what you’re doing right now in this very moment. By focusing on the now, we can calm our mind and thoughts in ways we never thought possible.

This is a stressful time for everyone, and after a long day you deserve to relax! Not sure how? Start by coloring in these mandalas. There are 3 different types of mandalas attached, choose your favorite and use colored pencils, markers, or crayons to complete your unique masterpiece!

You can also watch/ listen to this guided meditation:

For Seniors:
Mrs. Jackson will be hosting a weekly opportunity for seniors to check-in with each other as well ask questions! These are tentatively scheduled for Thursdays at 1. Contact Mrs. Jackson for additional information.